About Mehrgaan

Nick Bonyaadan Mehregan Organization
Mehregan Charity Institute was founded in April 2009 by a group of volunteers interested in social activities. After several years of continuous work, the institute was registered in Companies Registration Office under No. 833 in 2014 as “Nik Bonyadan Mehregan” and received official permission from the Interior Ministry to start activities.
In the beginning, the institute’s think tank held several meetings to specify the aims, plans and perspectives and, with the approval of the founding board, infrastructural problems and fundamental issues in society along with children education and training was defined as the most central purpose and “supporting deprived school children” was assigned as the motto of the institute. In the way to reach this goal, regarding the multidimensional problems and deprivations of these children, other aspects of their lives, such as their family, hygiene, nutrition, and environment, were brought into focus and good conditions and facilities were provided for them to be able to have a more comfortable life and enjoy their beautiful years of childhood.
Mehregan has already supported and assisted more than 1000 families and hopes to be able to reduce their pains and problem with the financial and spiritual help of fellow citizens.


Nik Bonyadan Mehregan Institute tries to support deprived school children by providing scientific infrastructures and updated knowledge and hopes to take a step in reducing poverty by providing appropriate education for them. We seek God’s help and are hopeful to create a better future for our children.


Nik Bonyadan Mehregan is a citizen-based non-governmental, non-profit, and non-political organization that provide support for deprived school children and their families, regardless of their race, religion, gender or ethnic origin. The institute tris to do his duties on the basis of morality and humanity.


We should know that we are the ones who can help each other and believe that every good and beneficial deed will be reflected in the society or even turns back to ourselves.

Code of Ethics

1. Great effort to do humanitarian work and observing good behavior and good speech, deed, and thought
2. Respecting people regardless of their race and beliefs and avoiding politics, power and interests
3. Respecting and protecting the nature and environment
4. Respecting and honoring the clients of the institute and observing politeness in dealing with them
5. Creating constructive interactions and relationships with different layers of the society and tolerance and capacity to accept constructive suggestions and criticism
6. Observing justice and fairness in distributing the resources and facilities of the institute among the clients and preserving the interests of the institution
7. Preserving the private information of the clients and co-workers and preventing the publication of their problems and details of their records.
8. Respecting the constitution, commitment to the institute’s principles, accountability, full implementation of the assigned tasks and transparency in performance
9. Sensitivity and attention to the educational, cultural and social problems of the society and having a creative spirit and being demanding
10. Efforts to improve science and knowledge and use it to enhance the performance and productivity of the institute’s plans and activities